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November 10, 2008


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Carol, are you sure you don't work for Wally World? I'm not sure I've ever witnessed so much cheerleading over a bog box retailer.


I hope they (Walmart management) can keep this store nice and clean. They sure didn't for the Neighborhood Walmart on Audelia and Walnut Hill. Hopefully they'll take a lesson from SuperTarget. They've kept that place spotless and much safer right next to Vickery Meadow. Walmart couldn't do that with those few apartments on Walnut Hill and Audelia!


Amen to what Roger said. The Neighborhood Market looked atrocious starting about a week after it opened. Filthy parking lot, dimly lit, cluttered store... I hope we can expect better from the new store.


Actually, the Cowboy training camp was where the hotel and the Domino's Pizza are today. The field was behind a furniture store in the 80's and the goal posts were still up when my soccer team used the field for practice.

Triple Wildcat

It wasn't a training camp, it was a practice facility. Training camp was in Thousand Oaks, Calif. in those days.

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