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November 14, 2008


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Advocate - let's improve the formatting of the pics you guys are posting. This looks like a car all stretched out


I like the skewed graphic attitude of the pic. Something more visually interesting to look at.


No all photos turn out this way... note the shot of the Marines in another post.


oops, NOT all photos...


If the glass is half empty, it's bad shooting. If the glass is half full, it's creative license. I'll opt for the latter and take the flavor the moment of the shot offers over the technical inadequacy.

Why, just look at Serra. He's convinced major U.S. cities that his rusty old iron sculptures are worth a million a pop in green spaces (Terry has practiced pitching techniques inside the monster slabs in downtown St. Louis). Personally, I'm not fond of Serra's sense of space (I feel the same about Christo). But both Serra and Christo (and amateur shooters who are learning some tricks) have a knack for taking negatives, making them positives, and convincing the world their pix are worth a look-see. Credit for artful dodging.

Triple Wildcat

Texas Tech.

Definitely curse Texas Tech.

Formatting seconded!

Just looked at the past 5 posted with stretched formatted pics here at the Advocate online. They all have two things in common:

1. All posted early in the AM - between 4:30AM and 7:00AM
2. All posted by Carol Toler

My in depth analysis indicates Carol needs some additional training on how to post pics. Any volenteers to help her out?

Wal-Mart Preview Celebration - Posted by Carol Toler on November 10, 2008 at 06:22 AM
LHHS volleyball playoffs tonight - Posted by Carol Toler on November 10, 2008 at 06:49 AM
Office supplies drive for Healing Hands Clinic - Posted by Carol Toler on November 12, 2008 at 04:30 AM
Chi Omega Christmas Market - Posted by Carol Toler on November 12, 2008 at 06:24 AM
Offensive driving – the blame game - Posted by Carol Toler on November 14, 2008 at 06:56 AM


Formatting Seconded did an "in depth analysis" of a Blogger's photos and then called them out item by item? SERIOUSLY?
Here is what the Blog does for this family:
-I read the offensive driving post and then said a little thank you that I have not been wiped out sometime in the last 10 years as my business takes me to the streets at all hours of the day. I then said a little thank you for my teen who was taught defensive driving and has thus far been safe. We have serious driving issues on our streets.
-I pondered the stickers on the backs of cars issue and yes -I hold it against a person and possibly an organization whose driving behavior jeopardizes others.
-I then read the Marines post and strolled the internet and found an adopt a soldier/marine site and investigating further.
Here is what Formatting second's comments did for me:
-Confirmed our decision to pull out of opening a business in the LH area.
-Along with the most commented articles on the DMN website - We realized "those" individuals could/would be part of our core consumer - no thanks. Huge kudos to those brave LH folks who currently serve our retail community. We watch, observe and analyze those successes here in LH with great admiration and we watch the behavior of their consumers.
-We had our business plan 3/4 of the way completed, our bankers thumbs up and support, our competitor studies, interiors on the board and scheduled seminars to attend this Fall. Had a merchandising plan narrowed with regional emphasis, vendors and publishers selected for contact, a sample calendar of events and several in depth conversations with extremely successful owners located within thriving communities.
-We contacted LHTC for an expected footprint of construction but never heard from their retail folks. We Intensely studied existing retail location plus crime stats for safety and security as well.
We continued to study comments from articles and the blog that we hope to high heavens only represent a fraction of this community and ultimately decided to switch gears.
The Blog can be a spark plug for thought and yet we continue to observe minutia with regard to unnecessary comments such as above. Seriously.
Keep up the great work for those of you who truly are interested in sparking our thoughts and minds with regard to our community and issues beyond. And please do not lecture me about the LH area as I have lived in this area for 40+ years.


As a volunteer blogger like Carol, with the genuine desire to share information like Carol, I'm thrilled that you were inspired by her Marine and Offensive Driving posts Seriously! I enjoyed them both (Personally, the jury is still out for me on the rear window stickers. But I am thinking about it). That's the point. And that's the gift that Carol gives to the community she loves and lives in.

It takes time and thought to observe, write and post, and Carol does it very well. It's a shame that 'Formatting Seconded' would rather criticize a stretched photo and miss the story Carol is telling. And it's a little sad that 'Formatting Seconded' is spending time on an 'in depth analysis' about a skewed photo instead of something with a more positive, tangible impact.

Reconsider, 'Seriously'! I hope that the commentators with too much time on their hands aren't the nail in the coffin. As to the LHTC retail folks not getting back to you, shame on them. I still hope you reconsider!

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