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November 05, 2008


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Christina, you are preaching to che choir!

I am a member of a kayak group that paddles White Rock every Thursday evening, year round. Aside from good exercise and fellowship, I look forward to the serenity and quiet of the evening. The few lights already set up for tests already produce an annoying glare over the water. I cannot imagine what it will be like if all of the proposed lights are installed. Aside from my selfish motives, I would not want to see the native wildlife affected by the extra light.

Another personal concern is the DPARD's lack of wisdom of installing numerous pieces of unnecessary energy consuming lighting at a time when our city government should be making a good example and taking all steps possible to conserve power usage.

Willis Winters, Carolyn Bray, and the many other unnamed wonderful park department staffers do a fabulous job of keeping our urban oasis maintained. I can't help but believe that the lighting decision came from above and beyond their control. If I am correct, all of the proposed lighting equipment has already been conveniently purchased. Hopefully they can use it at other parks because it will be a total overkill at WRL.


Can't their be compromise? We don't have to flood the lake and make it look like a cheap used car lot, but some sporatic soft lighting close to the trail itself would be a welcome addition. I had to work really hard not to step off the side of the trail last night it was so dark.


I'm totally selfish. I don't like stepping in holes when I run and twisting my ankles. I also like being able to see more than an inch in front of me, which makes me feel a bit safer from things like mugging and rape. But that's just me.


There has to be some kind of reasonable compromise. RE: the new parking lot at Jackson Point could be reasonably lit with one to three pole lights. Cement bases are already set up for at least ten or so pole lights. The mass number of pole light bases at Jackson is what set off the protests. I think that everyone (homeowners and park users) was expecting a few lights here and there but not a "brighter than daylight" situation. Those multi-million homeowners will think that they are located next to Texas Stadium.

Common sense has to prevail.

Afterthought - Christine, have you made an attempt to contact councilmen Kadane and Allen. It would be interesting if they would let you publish their stands on this issue. However, I doubt if you will get a straight answer from either!

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