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November 17, 2008


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Awesome event LHE! According to a DMN article, this recycling roundup is a quarterly event with LHE the newest site added to three other area locations. I hope it continues... I finally got rid of computers and peripherals that have been cluttering my garage and attic for years. And, for those wondering what happens to the stuff dropped off, I was assured that it would be crushed into tiny pieces. I was told what happens to those tiny pieces but don't remember - sorry! I was also offered a notification of exactly what happened to my stuff and where it ended up if I chose to leave my info. Though I declined, I appreciated the offer and felt confident that any sensitive information that might have been on that computer was safely destroyed and whatever was left over was disposed of properly.

Again, way to go Cindy Engel and LHE! An event worthy of continuation!

Rose Mary simmons

I would like to get in touch with Cindy Engle to learn more about how she started this event rolling. I am president of CANA and we want to start a green event in our neighborhood.

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