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October 27, 2008


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While parked in our driveway, my husband's truck got "egged". We have a Jeb Hensarling sign in our front yard. Don't know if it's connected. Anybody else out there found traces of egg on your signs/vehicles/homes??


This happened to us and our 3 LH neighbors too. All Obama signs were taken from our street, but the McCain ones were left alone.


Sign removal has reared its ugly head once more. Several years ago, I worked for a friend of ours runnning for the state legislature, the seat now held by Dan Branch. The signs that disappeared from front yards did not bother me that much. What bothered me were the signs that I put up at polling places at 5:00 a.m. on election day were gone by 8:00.


I always admire a homeowners lawn on my way home from work. That homeowner has had 2 Obama signs in his yard for the last couple weeks. On my way home one day this week, I noticed that one of the signs had been replaced with a McCain sign. When I did a double take, I realized that some joker had just placed a McCain sign snug up against one side of the Obama sign. I guess the homeowner realized what someone had done, cuz that McCain sign was gone the next day. How weird is that?


This stuff is so juvenile. I'm pulling mine over Halloween just in case though. FYI to all, there have been long lines at the Audellia Library for early voting due to a small amount of people checking the names on the voter rolls. There were more than enough voting "booths" over half were empty because it took so long for the limited amount of staff to look voters up.

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