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October 29, 2008


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Can someone explain to me what happened to all the trees? One day they were there, the next they were bulldozed into a giant pile and hauled off. The pdf article says they are preserving them in some sort of tree farm on-site, but I've yet to see it. They seemed like they were being so careful during demolition, and now it looks like the surface of the moon. Bleh.

Christina Hughes-Babb

Jason, I did talk with Prescott about the trees. They say they have put a great deal of time and funds (100s of 1,000s of dollars, they say) into preserving as many of the grown trees as possible. I plan to write more about this part of the conversation soon...


From my perspective it looked like they took care to preserve the trees during demolition and then just let them wither away. Not terribly impressive.


Quite a few trees were transplanted to the Southern edge of the property. I noticed them last week while traveling North on Skillman. It even looked as of irrigation lines wer running to each tree. The trees should do just fine!


It appears- to the far south side of the construction lot - Trees were re-planted in rows.
Or -I may have been seeing things - dodging the big trucks hauling in and out of there.....


My observation of the trees was so visually immediate: I drive south on Skillman from Royal to Walnut Hill 'bout every day. One day the vista was as it's always been; full, a bit shady, a palate of green. The very next day - bam, the vista was glaring and bare! I was staring into a desolate plain, shielding my eyes in the sun.

Hope some trees are going back in that will make my drive by lovely again. Not to mention make me want to stop and spend bucks at the Speciality Store.

a q

When is the dart station scheduled to begin construction? and scheduled to open?


Maybe I missed an announcement - but wanted to make sure everyone has seen this new designed website about the town center:



I agree - shocking and disappointing on the tree situation. Please share more about the DART station. There are alot of trees on that little piece of land too (if I understand correctly where it will be - in between school and orthodontist) and we are on WRT everyday almost - I would hate to see a moonscape there as well.


Looks like they took the website down - I saw it yesterday based on the post - was going to send it to my friend and now they have a "coming soon" sign.

They had a pretty cool fly over of the website yesterday.

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