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October 07, 2008


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Nutritional Disclosures

Good question on the $550 million, especially in today's economy. This in addition to the big hotel project? I guess money does grow on trees.

It would be nice to get some cameras monitored by DPD in the high crime areas of LH.

As far as the trans-fat ban, many of the national fast food franchises are eliminating them already. I think a much better option for those of us interested in exactly what and how much we are eating is something done in Seattle, New York City and other progressive areas--full nutritional disclosures on restaurant menus. Sure, many could care less if they are eating 3000 grams of sodium in one meal, but seeing the numbers right in front of you before you order does make a difference for many of us trying to continue to eat a balanced diet when we eat out from time to time. It would be nice to know, for example, the baked potato you order at Baker Brothers is actually 2 potatoes put together and is the equivalent of 2 servings, not one. Your favorite signature dish from Pei Wei is actually 2 servings as well (per their website). The so-called healthy meal at Applebees will cover your sodium needs for a month.

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