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September 05, 2008


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former restaurant  mgr/ mommy

As a restaurant industry employee for ten years and a mother of two I can tell you that your annoyance with unruly children has nothing to do with getting old! I don't have a problem with children in any restaurant. I love to see children eating out-- trying new foods and learning what a cool, "grown up" place restaurants can be. My issue is with children screaming and/or running around in a restaurant. I'm surprised to see all of these otherwise well-meaning parents seem to let all parental responsibility fly out the window in restaurants. It sends a message to kids that they are the most important person in the room. I don't need to explain why that's a bad idea :)! Also, it's not safe to let kids run around a restaurant. I'll never forget seeing a boy literally go flying across the room when he was running through the dining room and was hit with a tray. It was traumatic for everyone involved but wouldn't have happened if the kiddo had been seated. It boils down to teaching your children to be polite. Whether it's not screaming in deference to the elderly couple sitting next to you or staying in your seat in deference to the waiters trying to do their job. Everyone deserves respect and kids need to be made aware of their surrounding and how their actions effect others.

Carol Toler

Wow! It's nice to know folks are reading my blog. Thank you.
First, I love children - my own four and the other darling ones I see around the neighborhood. I took my children out to dinner often when they were young. I consider that wonderful "face time" and have great memories from it. Dinner out allows you to focus on each other - not the phone, the laundry, your homework, etc. I am delighted to see the many young families buying houses (and eating out) in our neighborhood. For me personally, I find that there are some places at some times on certain nights that judgement calls have to be made about what is appropriate for my family and my children. I hope my blog post causes us to think about what our "family policy" is for certain situations. Businesses have policies, so should families. Sometimes, families become so busy and so harried that they don't have time to be intentional about where they stand. Been there, done that. If this discussion has caused you and your spouse to develop your family policy on this issue (even if it's different from mine), then I am glad.


I hear all your gripes - both sides actually - to the tune of 31 comments, that all but ensures us all with a follow-up blog or article about this topic from the Advocate.

But the solution is simple economics, also known as price discrimination. Go to Mi Cocina or any other establishment where a plate is < $20 and you are going to be at kid central. My suggestion, turn it up to $30-$50 plate and you've just purchased yourself some good ole peace and quite. I've been to Bobs, Nick and Sams and Juaviers in the past 2 weeks and not a kid to be seen.

And yes, Mi Cocina has some oustanding take out Ernie's Chicken!

Chris M

LET'S BAN KIDS FROM ALL RESTAURANTS IN EAST DALLAS. DISD sucks as bad as the post author's attitude. It's a freaking Mezkin food joint lady, not The Mansion. Why don't you have a little snackey-poo and go at 8:30 when the kids clear out? As a proud father of a two year old and a 4 week old, I resent your attitude (not that I've been able to go out to eat in the past month).

People with attitude like yours just might help guarantee that families with kids head west to the more kid friendly environs of Southlake. So then you can have your sweet little date nite in peace, oh, but sorry, the restaurant closed due to lack of business.


"this is truly shocking."

Probably wouldn't be so shocking if it wasn't a blatantly obvious joke. Relax, home slice. I was kidding.

Mi Cocina clearly isn't the best choice for date night, but overpriced Mexican ought to at least buy you a bit of peace and quiet. Look, I think most of have enough common sense to know that Cici's, Chucky Cheese, fast food joints, and family chains like Friday's and Applebees are going to have plenty of kids so it's a bit of a no brainer to avoid them all together. That said, I shouldn't have to plunk down a $100 to not hear junior screaming and running around.


Although Carol, the original poster, may have wonderful memories of nights out with her children - I guarantee there are others who were there and do not have such great things to say about her or her parenting. Your attitude is terrible. Seriously, give it a break and go elsewhere. I don't want my child around such a grumpy person - what a terrible example. I'm sure the new retirement homes being built here will be happy to have you for dinner.


My attitude might indeed be terrible, but so are your kids.

Leigh Ann Hicks

Whoa, peace, everyone.

I love all the young families in LH. I don't mind having kids at Mico's either. It's fun to "flirt" with that cute 2 year old at the next table. I've even sat next to a baby who had just learned to make extrememly loud, high-pitched squeals and was oh-so-proud of herself. And only flinched a little. To their credit, her young parents were terribly embarrassed and finished their meal rather quickly, so as not to inflict too much ear damage on those dining nearby.

The problem comes when the kids are really unruly, screaming, running around the restaurant etc. When that happens, it's time for the parents to step in and discipline or leave. Not only is it inconsiderate for the other diners, but as many have pointed out, dangerous for the kids.

And though our kids are now out of the house, don't automatically assume we can go plunk down $30 a plate when we want to eat out. Heck, have you seen how much college costs? And anyway, we love our locally overpriced Mexican food (and heavenly margs), too!

Anti EM

EM please post your social calendar so we know where you and your ill behaved kids are going to be. You are so defensive, shrill and sarcastic in your postings you must be one of the worst offenders are Mi Cocina.

Miss Manners

Chris M

I hear Luby's has a special on Prune Salad.

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