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September 05, 2008


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I know it's not an LH area restaurant...but...Matt's in Lakewood is FAR better than Mico -- better food, better prices, and a great patio.

wanting the best for LH

Hopefully with the Town Center we will get a restaurant like The Woodlands on Forest just east of Preston. It is fairly new, has a delightful menu, soft music, open, light and bright, great patios and an incredible staff. The perfect place for a date night or adult conversation. They have one open in Denver, this one here and are opening one in Allen. Lets hope the Prescott group is pushing them to come to Lake Highlands. Mort Myerson is one of the backers and my money is with him, this restaurant will be a winner. Go try it out and let Prescott know if you think we need one here.

Bill Kennedy

If only Jonathan Swift's 'Modest Proposal' had any legs, then this discussion would be moot.


I do think the real problem here is that many, many parents are 1)totally and completely blind to misbehavior in their own children, and 2)totally and completely terrified of disciplining their children. My advice to Carol: try take out. The wine is cheaper, and with the addition of candles and the subtraction of an annoying waiter, you might actually like it better.


The problem is there was a time when there WERE restaurants that were generally accepted as not suitable for bringing children to, but now there's nowhere for a date couple or just someone who wants some peace and quiet to go dine without feeling that they're picnicing at a daycare center, and I think that's a shame, especially for those parents who aren't too cheap to get a babysitter so they have the precious date night out with their spouses and then find themselves dealing with the same irritations and lack of privacy as at home.


Ah, must be nice to be a crotchty-old-fart where you have all the solutions to all the world's problems.

To those whom eating in the presence of children offends you: you can go to Javier's or Bob's anytime you want. To those who refuse to teach your children The Golden Rule: you reap what you sow, have fun when they turn 15!

I love LH. I love young families moving here rather than the burbs. I love all our local restaurants (except for the one Chinese place that gave me food poisoning). I even love all the old-farts that mistake bathroom fixtures for lawn art. Please Carol Toler don't turn our quaint little oasis into an elitist class system suburb!


Also, it is just beyond rude to bring a child who is either too young or too uncontrollable and foist them on the public. You chose to have children, and they're your responsibility. Not everyone wants to be your village.

proud LHr

"I think all kids should be relegated to eating at the playland at McD's. That would pretty much solve everything. We get peace and quiet and you get value meals!"

this is truly shocking. i can think of a few places where you can get some peace and quiet...HOME. to further that, if you are not interested in dining with loads of children around perhaps visit victory park, uptown, downtown, west village, shops at legacy, inwood village-as of now LH only has two options to eat-OF COURSE THEY ARE GONNA BE CROWDED WITH CHILDREN. hopefully LHTC brings choices like the centers just mentioned; therefore, the kiddos aren't all in one place at one time. and remind me are we talking about a few rowdy kids out with their parents (we parents deserve margaritas occasionally too! gasp.) or disrespectful humans participating in food fights b/c this all seems to be a bit exaggerated. shouldn't we all just be happy that LH is experiencing success in it's restaurants? pick your battles. and why you are doing that pick a better choice for your date night!

Marlboro Man

Just allow lots of smoking and parents will keep their kids away... You never see kids in a smoky bar only nice ones (bars are supposed to be smoky by the way).


Eating out is a part of our lives/culture today - maybe an older generation sees that differently possibly? MiCo is a stretch for romantic dinner in LH - There are lots of kids there, whether well-behaved or not. We take our toddler to restaurants before 6 p.m. to avoid the meltdown hour and to get seated quickly, etc. It usually goes very well that way but sometimes when it doesn't we have to leave quickly and get it to go, etc. We avoid places that are quiet, not well-lit, do not have kid menus, etc. to not disturb others. We are like another poster mentioned, doing our best to teach but reality is we have a toddler and she is learning and we make much effort to be courteous to others. It seems to me, as we avoid adult type places, the poster might avoid family places if the kids bother them so much.

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