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September 05, 2008


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Others are frustrated at her attitude as well - it's not just me. As I posted earlier, we go early and leave immediately if there are signs of a meltdown. We are probably hyper-sensitive to not ruining others' night out. It is frustrating to hear such a terrible attitude and no willingness to own that yes, maybe MiCocina in LH was a poor choice for a date night. Maybe I was sarcastic but really, just go somewhere else if the kids bother you so much. It's that simple.


"just go somewhere else if the kids bother you so much. It's that simple. "

I think that's the crux of the initial post. LH doesn't really have anywhere else that isn't overrun by kids.


Wow, this topic is hotter than the crypto scare! ha!
My partner and I are childless and stopped going to Mi Cocina about 2 yrs ago. I understand its a family friendly place, but i agree with the original poster that 2 adults should be able to sit in the BAR and have a meal without the rugrats running around like screaming unruly banshees. We experienced that same scenario EVERY time we would step foot in the joint.

Although, Since Mi Cocina built the restaurant brand new, they should have made a larger waiting area...therefore eliminating this all together. Let just hope that the new Town Center has some different options for everyone living in LH.


Wow! There does not seem to be a lot of compromise on this issue. I do not really view our neighborhood Mi Cocina as an adult only date night restaurant. It seems very much like a family restaurant to me. Edie's comment that she thinks, "that's a shame, especially for those parents who aren't too cheap to get a babysitter..." seems odd to me. My husband and I both work full-time and prefer to spend our personal time with our entire family together; not because we are too cheap to get a babysitter. When we do get a sitter, we prefer to go somewhere romantic like St. Martin's or The Grape, where we know we will have a nice adult only meal.
Furthermore, we work hard to ensure our child has proper restaurant manners. When we eat meals at home, we practice good manners (sitting at the table until everyone is finished, proper use of fork/spoon, napkin use, not being messy). We use the same rules at a restaurant so that the expectations remain the same. We started this when my son was a toddler and he has always done well in restaurants.
I do not think you should expect to go to Mi Cocina and have an adult only dining experience. At the same time, parents should not allow their children to run wild and disturb other diners. If you can't control your child or teach them manners, then you probably should stick to dining out at loud kid oriented places when you dine out as a family.


Here's what Carol REPORTED:

"We ate at the bar because the line was out the door."

"No fewer than twelve toddlers moved into and out of the bar area during our hour there from 7 to 8 pm."

"...shrieks ("Daddy, hold me!") and the running and the sword fights with straws..."

"The little girls in tutus were very cute (until they laid in the middle of the floor and the waiters couldn't get by."

Here's what Carol OPINED:

"I love seeing all the cute young families moving into Lake Highlands. It's just the 'shot in the arm' we all need for community spirit, strong schools, and solid property values."

"That's a good thing. We all need to keep patronizing our neighborhood eateries and shops if we want them to stay and the Town Center to get built."

Here's what Carol ADDED AS COLOR:

"So much for our romantic date night."

I've tracked the many comments (cool!) and I've noticed that some of you commentators either didn't completely read Carol's very simple posting of her EXPERIENCE or you chose to make a whole lot more of it then it was - a posting of her experience. The closest Carol got to COMMENTARY was ..."but is the Mico bar really the best choice for screaming toddlers lugging their coloring books and their superhero figurines?"

She didn't bash anyone, she didn't say she hates kids, she didn't say that MiCo should be adults only, she didn't expouse on the joys of parenting, she didn't speculate on whether kids should be welcome in any/all restaurants (she talked about the MiCo bar).

She reported her experience.

I'm really quite taken aback at some of the responses she received, particularly the inarticulate personal attacks -

"Ah, must be nice to be a crotchty-old-fart where you have all the solutions to all the world's problems."

Or "Why don't you have a little snackey-poo and go at 8:30 when the kids clear out?"

Or "I hear Luby's has a special on Prune Salad."

That was ugly to a lovely person. Re-read and focus folks. Carol is a thoughtful, long standing, hard working, contributing member of our community.

She went out. She reported. She posted - for our information, enlightenment, enjoyment and discussion. THIS she does as a service. And she does it well. In my OPINION, she's among the most gracious people I've met (And she writes pretty good too). She wrote what she experienced, she didn't diatribe. Whether it's this posting site or another, she doesn't have to share jack squat with any of us. But judging by the commentary, we're all real glad she does. Hmm.

Re-read and focus folks. Think before you blast the person who's handing you information. And when you respond, I would respectfully ask that you do it more thoughtfully and articulately. Difference of opinion? Cool! Once again, look up on this post and re-read what she wrote and then, only then, comment.

She also posts who she is saying what she says - Carol Toler, just like me, rarepair - JJ Pair. We're not looking for criticism - Lordy, we only post 'cause they asked us and it's pretty cool and we think...don't git yer bowels in an uproar now...it's fun for us and it gets news out and it is...dare I say it...for your benefit! (PLEASE don't gimme a hard time about this. I KNOW YOU'RE ALL SMART AND YOU DON'T NEED ME! It's late and I'm tired.).

Be kind in your responses. Make a point. Engage. Recruit. Think first. Don't be mean. Let's have some fun.


I think we should all meet at the Mico bar for a drink. =)


I'm there with ya baby...with my ten year old and her friends and any stray toddlers we happen to pick up along the way and maybe even a babe in arms or two.

I'll take point, I'll make sure we're ALL polite, and we'll ALL have a great time and I swear I'll allow no kids or grown-ups to tear up the place. Each and everyone of us will be on our best behaviour!

Well, if I actually have a toddler in tow I may have to step out for a few minutes...BUT we'll be back! With a smile and a great attitude.

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