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September 05, 2008


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It is phenomenal to me that people think they are above helmets. Or that their heads are too hard to be injured.

Sometimes you have to protect people who are too stupid to protect themselves. Ultimately it costs all taxpayers money when city police and medical resources have to be used to scrape their brains off the pavement.


Worse yet are the non-fatal crashes that result in long term hospitalization and the injured is uninsured. Talk about use of taxpayer resources. The helmet law actually requires those not wearing helmets to show proof of insurance, but I doubt this is ever checked by law enforcement.
I would like to see the statistics on gender and age of the crash fatalities--my guess is they are overwhelming young males (under 30). That's my perception at least from seeing some of the future "statistics" darting in and out of traffic at excessive speeds.


Young males under 25 have the highest insurance rates for a reason. Has nothing to do with motorcycles and everything to do with testosterone and lack of common sense.

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