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August 01, 2008


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People please don't turn this into the shark attacks of 2008. Please educate yourself before making judgements. To learn more, rather than hearsay, visit the CDC directly: http://www.cdc.gov/crypto/factsheets/infect.html

You are a hundred more times likely worse off catching the flu than a case of Crypto. Just stay hydrated if you catch it.


LH Fan

Dave, I reviewed the link you included. I appreciate that you provided it and while it does have very good information, I didn't see any statistic stating "...You are a hundred more times likely worse off catching the flu than a case of Crypto..." Where did you get this statistic? Did I miss something? (Actually, your statement isn't even gramatically correct so I suspect you made it up.)

Anyhow, I agree with you that there's no need to panic; however, there is need to be realistic and proactive. People are free to do what they want but my family will not be swimming at the KC Pool or elsewhere until this Crypto thing dies down. I have witnessed people at the KC Pool changing diapers on tables where people eat and also near the edge of the baby pool. Hopefully the management will help to curb these practices and make people use the changing stands in the restrooms.

Right now, swimming just doesn't seem to be worth the health risk when so many people are getting sick.


mmm... do the backstroke for 5 minutes out at Burger Lake....and I'd wager that the "100 times" is complete bull.

PS: I must have missed the "Shark Attacks of 2008" or whatever Dave is talking about.


Fine LH Fan, since you are obviously one whom surfs blog merely just to flame and not to enter into a civilized/educated debate, I will spoon feed you information. (Was that all grammatically correct?)
You are correct about one thing though; my statistics were wrong. You are actually 34,999 times worse off with Influenza than Cryptosporidiosis. The annual death rate from the flu is averaging 35,000 and the total confirmed deaths from Crypto 0 -- the girl in Richardson has yet to be a confirmed Crypto related death. see: http://www.cdc.gov/flu/about/disease/index.htm and http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dws/dn/latestnews/stories/080108dnmetcrypto.4004c82.html
In fact, you don't die from Crypto, you can die from the dehydration caused by the diarrhea associated with catching the parasite. Hence, my first statement of hydrating yourself if you catch it. see: http://www.cdc.gov/crypto/treatment.html
So LH Fan, if you'd like to continue an educated discussion then by all means bring it on. However, if you merely wish to flame without educating yourself about the topic your discussing than please don't respond to this post.
Also, if you wish to continue not visiting KC Pool I think that's awesome. Last night was the nicest, quietest Friday night in a long time. While you're at it, will you stop driving your car so much because an average 40,000 people die in car accidents a year. see: http://www.unitedjustice.com/death-statistics.html
I believe my point is made (and backed up with credible evidence): the sky is not falling, sharks are not attacking everyone, and Anthrax is not in your mail. Don't believe the hype!



Hi Dave,

Before we got Crypto, we were at KC Pool 4 days (nights, actually) a week. Maybe I met you? We've met some really nice, easy-going people. This year (our first).

Wait, hold on. I said we've met some nice, easy-going people. That doesn't appear to be you. You come across as a jerk.

I did misread one thing in your first post. I took it as "100 times more likely to catch the flu". I believe you are right that you are worse off when you catch the flu, but I think it's easier to catch Crypto.

Whatever. The fact is, Crypto has made its rounds this summer. And, I believe it was (maybe not now) at KC Pool. Health Dept said we should avoid going there for two weeks since we were a confirmed case. Only 107 reported cases in DF/W this summer. I wonder how many more that got the stuff... that didn't have it "confirmed".


Hi ScottH,

Nice. You call me names and I'm the one who's a jerk. If you'd like, I'll buy you a beer in the KC Bar and discuss the fallacies of meritless blog-based philosophy.

LH Fan

Well, Dave, you were the one that started the verbal attack -- not me -- so I must agree with Scott that you do come across as a jerk. I guess you're sore because I questioned your quote that didn't seem quite right.

I did read and get my facts straight, AND I thanked you for providing the link about crypto. I also contributed to civil discussion, unlike you. Have fun at the pool.


I guess we are "fortunate" (and I do not mean this literally) this outbreak is confined to swimming pools and water parks for now. In the spring of 1993 Milwaukee had a crypto outbreak that sickened over 400,000 in the population over a few weeks. Although the root cause was not determined it was traced back to a malfunctioning treatment plant. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milwaukee_Cryptosporidium_outbreak

I hope the management team of the Knights and other public pools will implement new policies for better disinfection of public areas, chlorination of the pool and education of patrons on proper hygienic practices.

Finally, Dave, I wager the poor surviving family members of the child suspected of succombing to a crypto infection wish she only had the flu. Crypto can be fatal to those with compromised immune systems, the elderly and young children so it is prudent for people to be concerned about this outbreak.


"Crypto can be fatal to those with compromised immune systems, the elderly and young children so it is prudent for people to be concerned about this outbreak."

So can fresh pressed apple juice from central Market so let's tap the brakes a little.


Thank you Chris. That's all I'm saying. But watch your back dude, the flamers are gonna get you for using rational thought.


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