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August 01, 2008


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EEEWWWW! That thought might really make me rethink my KC membership next summer - as though our lack of use for the past two summers hadn't already set that thinking in motion.


The KC pool tested negative and they did the hypershock as a precaution. Also, they announce at EVERY swim break for parents to take their kids to the bathroom, and swim diapers are required for kids under either 3 or 4, can't recall.

This brings up another pet peeve of mine at pools that GROSSES ME OUT. I see adults, as well as children, take a mouth full of water and then spit it out back into the pool. What are they thinking when they do that??? Talk about EEWWWWW...



I am not doubting you, but I am super surprised that KC Pool tested positive. My son and daughter have only swam there this summer, no other pools. They had it (confirmed by pediatrician tests), me and wife had it, and two other of our friends also that are member had positive tests. I find it hard to believe we got it elsewhere. What about the staff that have had the symptoms, also the swim team (not sure if it's the entire team, but some have complained of being sick with symptoms)?

Hey, things happen...and I truly love KC Pool, their staff and the members I have met there this summer... This will all pass.

Having said that... I am really surprised that they were tested and it came back negative.

KC defender

To KathyH: There is a 2 year waiting list to get into the KC pool. Go ahead and cancel your membership. They will survive.

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