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June 26, 2008


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Triple Wildcat

The new sign looks really good. However, I absolutely HATE the scraggly-looking Wildcats that were installed on the front of the stadium last year. You've got the nice silhouettes of the Berkner ram logo next to that scrawny, malnourished wildcat head. It's a terrible logo, one that I have NEVER seen used to represent Lake Highlands before. I wonder who picked the mascot head designs? Gee, didn't our AD and assistant AD both coach at Berkner?

What would it take to replace those ugly wildcat heads with something nicer and more recognizable? It really ruins what was an otherwise great pressbox addition to the stadium.


TOTALLY agree. Even this new Wildcat, to me, looks very cartoonish and DISD/Junior high.

The interlocking LH is one of the best logos of any kind in the area. Use it. If you want a wildcat logo that horribly, use the head silhouette on the LH sponsor stickers.

Triple Wildcat

When in doubt, always use the interlocking LH logo. It's uniquely Lake Highlands and instantly recognizable. What more could you want from a logo?

After that, yes, the silhouette Wildcat head seen on the sponsor stickers is the second most traditional LH icon.

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