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June 26, 2008


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Well it appears that the disgruntled, anti-redevelopment, naysayers believe that their voices and views are the only ones that should count. When you have the attitude "don't confuse me with the facts", it is easy to rant and rave. It reminds me of when we were children. If someone didn't get their way, they either through a fit or took their toys and went home.

I had really hoped that this neighborhood could pull together. The good news is that the vast majority of the neighborhood is willing to do so.

Lake Highlands is a wonderful place to live and it is going to get better under the great leadership we have. Jerry Allen and the rest of the Dallas City Council are doing a terrific job. Jerry has my vote and the vote of all of my friends.

Long time LH resident..

Jerry won't be getting my vote.

wanting the best for LH

Just a comment on several of the above postings.

Before you guys east of Audelia think Jerry and his sidekicks are so wonderful....wait and see what "really" comes out of the ground. Developers are great at saying what they are going to build, and then using the dense zoning to build something different.

Keep in mind that Donna and Alan are on the TIF Board. Could they speak out if they wanted to say anything ?

The west side of Skillman will recruit, fund and elect our next councilman.

Greg Halliday is still around, but he won't run. He has family commitments.

I agree Jerry Allen is working as hard as he can for developers.
The only development he has attracted at this point is more RENTAL UNITS. Is that really what we all wanted ?

The City of Dallas and Jerry Allen have no respect for Lake Highlands. They have decided we are the most affluent, but weak area of Dallas and they are going to dump everything they can here in the way of dense apartments to increase the tax base of the City.

What I don't understand is why won't Lake Highlands residents stand up for what we want. All I hear is we just wanted this complex torn down. Tearing it down is one thing, getting reasonable, sane development in its place is the next. We have power to limit the density
but we act as if we need to kiss the feet of these developers.

Wednesday's City Council Meeting was enough to make anyone sick

Lake Highlands will survive Jerry Allen. The big question is how do we control the damage he can do in the next twelve months.


I think Bill Blaydes gets the credit for LHTC. He started that big mess Jerry Allen just inherited it from him and is trying to make the best of a bad situation. Skillman is going to stay one big apartment rental corridor, only newer and denser. To change anything there you have to buy and tear down an existing and operating apartment complex, demolish and rebuild, and include affordable units so you get the TIF money (government subsidy). Bad model I agree but Jerry didn’t start it your star speaker from Wednesday Bill Blaydes gets credit for that.

I like Jerry but I am an “East Sider” and like the past decisions that will affect my neighborhood. Good job Jerry Allen. Let me know when you need a check so I can get my yard sign for your reelection.

Not an Allen Supporter

Thank Goodness we live in a free country and can vote the way we choose, notwithstanding who our neighbors may claim they support. If there is a viable candidate running against Allen we will have a hotly contested and spirited negative election. I just hope someone with the independent mind and financial resources (not dependent on developers) will step forward to give those of us in Lake Highlands who are disgruntled with Allen's "leadership" and representation (or lack thereof) a good solid candidate to support. My fear is with the developers in his back pocket they will buy and pay for Allen's re-election so no one else can afford to run against him.

By the way, not everyone on the east side of Audelia supports Allen, just like Lucy cannot be certain that "all" of her friends are going to vote for Allen.

LH Fan

Amen to what "Wanting the Best" just said.

Also, Lucy is welcome to her opinion and while I respect it, it comes across as incredibly naive. She's misinformed to call people that stand up for their neighborhood and their property "disgruntled" and "anti-development". Sounds like she has bought into the misinformation that David Hardt has been pushing throughout the community. In fact, I'll bet she didn't even attend the hearing. If she had attended, she would know that the people opposed to the rezoning of Church/Skillman are a calm, respectful and well-informed group of people whose neighborhoods are all within 1000 feet of the Church/Skillman corner. These people want good development in their neighborhood -- not just more apartments. Bunny seems just as uninformed as Lucy on how city government works and on the issue that's at hand.

I sure hope their beloved Jerry Allen helps them when/if developers come knocking to put up a 5-plus story apartment building in the midst of their neighborhood. Good luck with that.


Why we like Jerry? Case in point for anybody sending their kids to LHE or has plans to in the future. You need to vote for Jerry Allen because he was instrumental in closing down NW Terrace Apartments. Go open the public records and see the who’s who of recognizable LH names that worked to stop that change in zoning. That should have been a slam duck through CPC but concerned neighbors made it a huge head ache. If you were so uninformed as to what would happen if that didn’t pass you had no business being on the board. Has anybody been by that location in a while? A HUGE crime infested complex is being torn down and it WOULD have reopened if the detractors got their way. Have you been by LHE in a while? The school is populated to a comfortable level and there are no portables outside for the overcrowding.


"Well informed", maybe. "Calm and respectful", hardly.

If by "calm and respectful" you mean physically pushing a reporter out of a meeting at the rec center, then I guess you're right.

If by "calm and respectful" you mean openly insulting a Dallas Housing Authority board member on Wednesday with a real bad attempt at comedy, then I guess you're right. (I could almost hear the collective "gulp" from the opposition when Councilman Atkins addressed that comment)

If by "calm and respectful" you mean Bill Blaydes monopolizing everyone's time before city hall on Wednesday by running over his allotted time to speak by several minutes and ignoring Mayor Leppert, then I guess you're right. (Wonder if the owner of Hollywood Door was listening in?)

And lets not forget the "calm and respectful", Bill Vandivort, and his behavior over the last 6-8 months. Although, he was noticeably absent from his normal lead role as city hall on Wednesday. Maybe the opposition finally had enough of him as well.

Maybe that high horse you sit on is tall enough to see over 5 stories?


He will not be getting my vote either. And, yes, Blaydes gets the credit for LHTC, not Allen.

LH Fan

Spencer, you are taking the actions of a few people and assigning them to an entire larger group of people, so your actions are just as bad as theirs. And I have no high horse, low horse or otherwise on which to sit -- only the facts. 150 people turning out to peacefully stand up for the integrity of their neighborhood and their property values certainly speaks positively for itself.

By the way, Bill Vandivort wasn't there because he wasn't even a part of this group of neighors opposing this development so don't even try to play that card. He may have his opinions but he wasn't a part of this effort.

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