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June 26, 2008


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MPEstates Neighbor

I wouldn't say uneventful. I heard from three neighbors yesterday that they would support ANY opponent to Jerry Allen with time and money. No one has stepped forward yet - but the consensus from my neighbors is that Mr. Allen completely ignored his constituents on this one...


Three of my neighbors would support Jerry Allen if he ran again. In fact, the vast majority of my neighborhood would support him.

Not an Allen Supporter

Does anyone know if Greg Holliday is still in LH and if he might be interested in running against Jerry Allen?


I will be working to re-elect Jerry Allen. Many in my neighborhood (east of Audelia) who have never been involved in city politics will be working to re-elect Jerry if he runs. After years of watching other parts of the city flourish, Jerry brought new development to our slice of Lake Highlands. He supported our efforts to get senior housing on Lullwater. And got the entire Northwest Terrace Apartment complex torn down. And we are very appreciative of his efforts to work with Jeb Hensarling for a successful resolution to the Armory closing.


What did we learn from this?

* If the economic forces arrayed against the average citizen are powerful enough, the average citizen stands no chance

* In the end our elected representatives will do the bidding of the powerful economic forces and rationalize to themselves that they are doing the right thing

* As demonstrated by the override of the City Plan Commission by our council representative, the average citizen has been fooled into thinking that the system allows for meaninful input into process, but in reality that meaningful input is an illusion

* When our council representative and the pro-developer types tell us that the project is really good for us, I am reminded of Clayton Williams' infamous remark about "bad weather"

For Responsible City Government

I received the following "form" email, Thurday, the 26th at 12:30 PM, nearly 24 hours AFTER the council meeting

Dear Mr. -------------,

Thank you for your email [dated Wednesday, June 18th] regarding the proposed rezoning at Skillman and Church. Your comments have been noted.

Tom Leppert

My reply to him and the entire City Council:

Thank you Mr. Mayor. “Noted” but obviously not read.

By relaying this the day AFTER the hearing, you have confirmed that you, like everyone else who gathered at the "Horseshoe", have no respect or regard for what your constituency is attempting to tell you.

This from the man who told the Dallas Morning News that “the secret” is listening to people. Which people? Only the ones across the corridor from your office in City Hall?

Clearly you and your colleagues also have no respect for the decisions of your appointed representatives to the CPC. Why go through the whole charade? Why not just have the fief lords proclaim their decisions from the steps of City Hall – “I have enriched another land speculator. It’s good for my District. Don’t bother me anymore”.

Had you replied, BEFORE the meeting, "The deal has already been made - don't show up", I could have had a more productive day.


Simply stated, this action by Jerry Allen and his council "buddies" was a TIF land grab, a convenient way to more quickly reimburse the TIF pool and a case study of the 14-1 system that gives lip service to "listening and acting on the concerns of citizens", but results in a "covering their butts" vote for the councilman within his own district to eliminate retribution for votes "needed" in their own district.

It has been notable that our District 10 leadership was noticeably absent throughout this entire process....where were Donna and Allen with their silence?...only Bill had the courage to step up to the plate when the gag order from the city ethics commission came off on the one year anniversary of his stepping down from the council.

Property rights of contiguous property owners were violated in this zoning case; Jonathan Perlman's five story apartment and 30 foot retaining wall will be Jerry Allen's tombstone/monument in District 10 - and we can only hope not a real death sentence for some LH teenager late at night either "having fun" or "experimenting"!!

It remains to be seen whether the insensitivity to the neighboring, affected single family homeowners upon whom Prescott Realty is dependent to "shop and buy" in their Town Center will place a single footstep on their premises. Similarly, Jonathan Perlman watched his target audience walk to the podium on Wednesday to tell the Mayor and Council they don't need or want this facility in their lives - his miscalculation may well have been his financial undoing on this project.

Jerry Allen fulfilled his promise made in his initial introduction of Jonathan Perlman to the affected neighborhoods at a homeowners meeting in November when he said in front of a group of 30 or more people: "This is great for Lake Highlands - I think you'll like it"....and "if its good enough for Prescott, its good enough for me". Ohh, and then proceeded to tell the community in multiple public forums that he was neutral on the matter. Upon the CPC denial, he then proceeded to light the fuse on the edict that in 90 days on a piece of property he priced at $6 million on behalf of Prescott....without any input or communication with the affected neighborhoods.....that he would move to approve the zoning.....and he was neutral??? Gimmee a break, councilman. Did you lose your moral compass along the way to city hall?

This councilman's view of Skillman Street being put into motion has every element of what those of us that are on the "west side" of Lake Highlands experienced over the past 20 years....and in another 20 years, the shortcuts in construction that will be taken by inexperienced developers that are now in place, thanks to JA's efforts, will likely leave behind a legacy just like the one that was in place before the teardowns began.


So I guess the residents near this area didn;t find a residential buyer for this property?


When you put a "commercial" price on a "residential" property (pricing purely based on a zoning change, not based on what the property is zoned for TODAY), of course you priced it out of the residential market. Who are you trying to fool?


To follow up real quickly, I think we've learned one thing from this case:

- Dallas is up for auction. Zoning is irrelevant. If you can increase the taxable value of a property, you're a sure win. Period.

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