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June 12, 2008


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Steven Clary

They are closing that convenience store pretty soon. Might be that the employees aren't paying much attention.

Walking in LH

I thought Valero was buying out the Albertson's Fuel centers. I hope they are not closing as they are convenient.

Steven Clary

Probably a safe bet that another C-Store chain will take over but I haven't heard anything about Valero.

Walking in LH

It was on page 1 of the Business section of the Dallas Morning News about 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately they did not list the stores involved in the sale.


The store is closing TODAY.


Valvero did buy. Keeping some open and closing some. Closing this gas station. Look for another retail banking branch at this location.


I just blew in from FTW, saw the price, saw the dozen cars lined up and hurried home to post. I shoulda known word would already be out! And drat it all, I filled up this morning using my .10 Tom Thumb discount. Still paid $3.85.

Walking in LH

I saw the line, saw my gas tank, thought of the heat and humidity (presumably/hopefully those people in line were sitting with the engine off to save gas) and then realized that if I filled up my tank (no SUV for me--maybe 14 gallons) x a .30 cent savings (assuming $4 for regular)that I'd be saving a whopping $4.20, all for the joy of sitting in a gas line for a few minutes in blazing heat and humidity in the middle of the afternoon when I had other things to do. No Thanks! ...........went into the grocery store instead. When I came out, there was still a line, but the sign had $9.99 for regular and mid-level premium. Either the clerk caught the mistake or they ran out of gas.

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