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March 28, 2008


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I live near WRE and could hear a pack howling (or maybe it was a coyote group sing song!) last night a little past 10:00 coming from the direction of Flag Pole Hill. Also spotted one a month or so ago on my 5:00 AM morning walk at Shoreview and Deer trail.

Yep, the coyotes are alive and well!


I saw one once (Oct or Nov '07) run across Ferdale and up Larchwood. I turned down the street to get another look and it was running full speed through the front yards. I thought it was pretty cool. I hope people leave them alone. Bring your pets inside or secure them in your back yard. Save the Coyotes!


Last year I had sitings of a coyotes near Estate Lane and Elmcrest, and frequently along Goforth near Northwest Highway. We always keep our animals in after 6pm and later. Coyotes will normally be more scared of you then you are of them.
Don't attempt to feed them or leave your pet's food outdoors. Here's a link about coyotes and urban/suburban neighborhoods. http://www.mass.gov/dfwele/dfw/wildlife/living/living_with_coyotes.htm

Triple Wildcat

I love puppy dogs and kittens as much as anyone, but come on, "murdered"??

Murder is a criminal act committed by humans. Coyotes are just doing what comes natural when they kill small animals. I'm sure it's devastating to lose a beloved pet to a coyote, but let's leave the word "murder" to crime stories.

Christina Hughes-Babb

Let me attempt to clarify something about our ongoing coyote conversations. There's a bit of shtick going on here (at least on my end). Sure it may be in poor taste, perhaps not even funny at all ... but apparently it keeps some of us amused for days!

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