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February 08, 2008


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Devin Droemer

If they offered to tear down an apartment complex and build it there, I am sure no one would complain. It would be a shame to loose affordable land already zoned single family.


If you read through the applicant's proposal and the docket that was presented to the CPC, it is full of contradictions in argument. The fact of the matter is NOBODY knows what will be put there if the area is rezoned. Period. We can look at artist CONCEPTUAL renderings of ONE vantage point, but what about all other vantage points to the complex? Nowhere has the applicant (Pearlman) come out with those. Why? Because he knows nobody will be overjoyed with what they see - especially a 20 foot plus retaining wall!
I don't think those retaining walls next to Target are even that high!
And yes. Some constituents are for the zoning change. Why? Because they DON"T LIVE near it. Period. And a good portion of the people who stood up for the "pro" side were business associates of the applicant.
Trying to see what exactly they were for, one response I got was that the person drives by there every day. BFD! And some say, well, it's better than a gas station.....WHAT??!!! Seems like some people might be sniffing fumes at one b/c under the CURRENT zoning you can't have one. If you change it.....
Basically, no one from "pro" mile away side of the fence had any TRUE good arguments FOR the change in zoning. They say we're not for development. How absurd! The majority of people who actually LIVE near the proposed town center are FOR it. And it's "high density", just like forwardDallas' intent.

Ray HUebner

The wall at the Super Target is about 16 ft just north of the front of Target and about 18.5 at the back corner. If you go back there, watch out, it is usually muddy - seepage I guess. If something like that goes in beside the Forest Meadow Baptist Church (on Church Rd.) we can kiss the Choo Choo Train Playground goodbye.

Glee Huebner

At one of the meetings attended by Jerry Allen, he stated "if it's good enough for Prescott, it's good enough for me". Does that sound like he's neutral? About 20 of us heard him say it.

I appreciated the comment about the Train Park at the Church. Many of us take our children and grandchildren to play there. The concern of the church is the libality issue if a child falls off of the wall. As we know, kids love to climb and they could walk along the wall and fall 20 feet.

Vicki Ferrantello

I just found this blog and find the comments re: Jerry Allen interesting. I had a 20+ minute phone conversation with the man about this project. I took contemporaneous notes as we spoke. Let me say that he was concerned about a $5 million loss for the developer. He told me that Perlman built "quality product". I asked Jerry if he had seen this quality product. Guess what his answer was? No he had not, but he had the address at his office. Tell me - how can he make that flat statement when he has seen NOTHING that this man has built, developed and managed? His quotes are numerous. While he states that he is neutral, as I have written him, if his comments are his idea of neutrality I cannot imagine what he would have said to me if he was trying to sell me on the idea.

I did my own research of the developer Perlman. I could not find one product that the man had built on his own or managed. I again contacted Jerry Allen asking him for these addresses. That was 2 weeks ago - I'm still waiting for his to respond.

At the forum held 2 days before the CPC vote Mr Allen displayed a rudeness that shocked me. Call it a lack of diplomacy skills if you wish, but the entire audience did a collective "Whoa" at a remark he made to the President of one of the HOA.

I can see this area from front porch - or let me say I would definitely be able to see a 5 story building. Check around - you won't be able to find any in the "pro" section that will see a huge big box every time they go out to pick up their morning paper.

When I purchased this house I had to rebuild a 8 foot tall retaining wall. It was 30 years old and falling down. Drive around LH, the rolling hills, and look at all the retaining walls. Notice how many of them are in disrepair and undermining the foundations of the homes above that wall. Do you really think that this same developer will be around in 20+ years to repair or replace that proposed wall of 20' - 30'? No, it will be just like the apartments with out of state owners who don't give a damn.

I'm proud of my neighbors and their committment. If the developer takes it to the city council, we will continue to be committed to stopping this zoning change at that corner.

Robert Russell

I cannot believe that Ray Huebner or the fellow from the Church believes that a wall would be built with no fence along the top. A fence that copuld not be scaled by children. It is another silly comment from the opponents of the project in their attempt to create hysteria.

Ray HUebner

Where do you live, Robert Russell? Close? Do you have kids or grandkids who play there?

Bill Barstow

With regards to Mr Allen's statement that friction is "expected when it comes to change (development)", we would have no opposition to development of upscale single family homes, which will be a much more suitable fit to the terrain. It works on Fair Oaks at Walnut Hill and on Abrams south of Walnut Hill, adjacent to the White Rock Trail. It also works along Northwest Highway between Inwood and Lemmon/Marsh Lane.

For one who professes to listen to all comers, Jerry Allen didn't even have the courtesy to acknowledge receipt of my letter to him several weeks ago, let alone respond in some manner. Even a form letter response by email is better than nothing. I've had several responses from our area's members of Congress to letters of opinion to them. If he aspires for re-election he's going to have to learn soon to listen and respond to his constituents, as much as he appears to be doing for his campaign donors from the real estate and banking professions. Next time he won't run unopposed.

Ray Huebner

Robert Russell; 15 Robert Russell's in Dallas County the closest to the Forest Lane Baptist Church (on Church Rd - 9150 Church Rd, 75231 to be exact). The closest Robert Russell lives in ZIP Code 75238, and 1.89 miles away. "me" has got it right. Those for it do not live near it. Jonathan Perlman, the developer, lives in University Park, not near it.

Bill Barstow

It appeared that the developer's entourage had not considered the dangers of a 20-30 foot retaining wall until asked about it during questioning. Then the only response was a bumbling offer to have an engineering study to see what would be needed. Maybe razor wire and broken glass would keep the kids on the playground away?

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