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February 28, 2008


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so has Elizabeth Newman Custom Homes settled their lawsuits with the homowners who permit water to drain down to Deer Trail(not that gravity or building massive homes on the downslope of a hill had anything to do with it)? Just wonder, but these people are something else.

Bill Kennedy

I'm not sure that I follow you here, Clay. Are you referring to the ENCH homes built over the past 2 year on the north side of Deer -- a little farther down Deer from that same corner? Where they all have rain-drains exiting into the "concrete ditch" that was poured along the front of Deer, so it pools up into a mess of leaves and muck by the alleyway at the end?

Jonathan Elifson

That is an amazing map...can one access that on google maps for most addresses?

Bill Kennedy

Yes, Jonathan. Most every address in Dallas proper and it's moving outward.

When you bring up Google maps for an address, click on the 'Streetview' box in the top right, next to 'satellite' etc. That will highlight all roads (that have streetview) in blue and it will place a little man-figure on the map. Click-hold on the man and drag 'n' drop him at the street location you want -- you will see a little X below his feet for exact positioning. Le voila! Hit 'full-page' in the streetview pic to get a bigger pic.

All our streets were shot here last spring, as I can see myself on the back porch doing some work that occurred then. The bulk trash is in the ditch so it was the last week of the month. You can see both sides of a corner house, for example. Just close the picture and move the man again.


Thanks for the info on the maps--good to know. I wonder when they'll get back on track for the house you mentioned--looks like they're almost done with the one next to it.

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