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December 28, 2007


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I can't believe these people lost their homes for a Wal-mart. Please say it ain't so!

Bill Kennedy

And let's not forget the Wal-mart SuperCenter going up by LBJ and Skillman, too -- saturation!

This whole (unique) thing was discussed at DallasMetropolis last August. It was confirmed as more than a rumor (then) by more than one person there. For that reason alone I believe this to be much more than a "solid tip" now -- I think it's a go.

Wal-mart wants a new building, they can sell the land at Park to a multi-use development and make a fortune. They can get a new Sam's Club and a SuperCenter where they want it -- on a main thoroughfare. I was told way back that the main reason Target kept/refurb'ed their Medallion store, when they built their SuperTarget a mile north, was so that Wal-mart couldn't build a SuperCenter at Medallion (in the Target space).

So, that means the Medallion Target will likely close in order to consolidate a mile north after this happens -- no reason to keep it open after WallyWorld is across the street. It also means all that apartment rebuild, by the Village across NW Hwy, will soon have a lovely box store and parking lot to look at. Can't make LPC too happy.

And you are right -- it does not bode well for attracting tenants to the proposed LHTC.

Trammell Crow has never been above doing sweetheart deals in Dallas. And Dallas has never been above doing sweetheart deals with them. "Good ol' days are back" was something said by the leader of the Dallas Citizen's council a short time ago, was it not?!

Triple Wildcat

Not just throwing people out of their homes, but paving over valuable greenspace. Don't forget that the creek where the apartments now sit is a rare wildlife habitat. I'm no tree-hugger, but losing a bit more of the "green" around Dallas for the "green" of Wal-Mart and developer cash just makes me sick. I don't mind losing old apartments as much as losing a pretty creek in the middle of our concrete city.

Is it too late to turn back the clock? Can't Target just sell its Medallion Space to Wal-Mart? Seems like the obvious, easy solution. That way Wal-Mart gets its Skillman-NW Hwy location, we get to keep the creek, and there's no empty store at Medallion. Makes too much sense - and doesn't make money for the right people.


If Trammel Crow wants to bring yet another big box into the mix at that particular location, why not try to lure Costco into Dallas? Costco is superior to Sams/Walmart in product quality and customer service. I won't drive to North Plano, Costco's closest warehous location. It seems to me Costco is losing a huge customer base by not locating within Dallas. I don't think they have a store within Dallas County and I wonder why.

Pete Oppel

What happens to the Sam's Club right next door, at Park and Greenville?

Jeff Siegel

As noted, Wal-Mart apparently owns the Park Lane land. So they get to sell it just in time for the mega-development of the Park Lane area.


I just had plans for Timbercreek Crossing sent to me. I don't see a ton of discussion on the project on this blog, but there are several tenants that appear to be committed:

1) Wal-mart
2) JC Penny
3) Bank of America
4) Chik-fil-a

The plan has 4 smaller unleased buildings/spaces and at least one undeveloped lot which is room for expansion. No plans or room for a Sam's.

I'm not thrilled about the tenants committed, but they don't appear to be competition for the Town Center. Hopefully those unleased buildings will be restaurants. One looks tiny - no bigger than a sonic.

If the blog manager wants, I can email the plans I received.

wanting the best for Lake Highlands

Rumor has it that TC has the triangle bounded by Royal, Skillman and Fair Oaks Crossing as well as the eastside corner where our wonderful "Star Market" is under contract too. That is getting close to the LBJ corridor so I can only imagine what they want to build there. Probably Mixed Use, high density including more apartments.

I wonder where we will build the new schools to handle all this influx of kids that will come with "high end" apartments ?????


Does the site plan show a garage for parking or is it all on the site?

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