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October 09, 2007


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Perhaps I'm in the minority, but I never saw the harm of having PT's where it used to be, or for that matter, where it is now. Those who are offended by "gentlemen's clubs" are entitled to stay away. Live and let live.

To the point of running a topless club in a dry area, PT's is perfectly in their right to do so. Totally nude establishments must abide by similar restrictions, but make up for it by charging higher cover charges.

In my opinion, dry laws are the number one aspect that keeps Dallas (and Texas) in the dark ages. How annoying is it to be in a grocery store on one arbitrary side of the street that doesn't have beer, and have to make a special trip to another location? In addtion, these liquor store "ghettos" that attract a seedier element would be a thing of the past if Dallas were progressive enough to get rid of these archaic laws and let the market decide how many liquor stores the city can support.

I love living in Dallas, and the Lake Highlands area in particular, but I dream for a day when we become more progressive.

I will not support this legal campaign, and suggest we focus our efforts to more worthwhile goals.


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