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August 15, 2007


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Pete Oppel

The issue in the upcoming election should not be whether we need a high-speed roadway; of course, we need something to get folks through the canyon nightmare, especially when the Pegasus Project begins in earnest. And not just to be get people to the suburbs. When the Texas-OU game leaves the Cotton Bowl when the next contract expires and becomes a home-and-home series, we've got to get all those folks flowing smoothly between Austin and Norman.

No, the issue is not "tollway" vs. "no tollway", but where the tollway should be located. I see a lot of merit in the argument that it should not go through or even skirt the edges of the planned Trinity Park. I am from New York City originally and I would hate to see a high-speed tollway bisecting Central Park.

One other thing: No one should assume that everyone who signed the petition is against the roadway as currently planned. I, for one, as well as a number of others I know signed the petition because ... well, the anarchists in us just wanted to upend the normal order of things around here.

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