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March 15, 2007


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Rick Wamre

Finally some cracks in the dike of the Trinity Tollroad/river/parks project. What the whole project is essentially coming down to, so it appears, is the choice between a $1 billion roadway project that is lacking about $500 million in city funds to complete or the original parks and such that we voted for 10 years ago. Jim's point is this: Which project will win out if the deal stays behind closed doors? Need that question really be asked? With $1 billion in constructions funds out there vs. a few million in parks, who do you think will be chasing the big steak around with more energy? That's right - it won't be the parks supporters. The mayoral candidates are starting to separate themselves on this question, and it's a great question to be separated on: We need someone in charge here who's willing to ask the tough questions (like Laura Miller said she would before she was elected) and also willing to stay the course (unlike what Laura did once she was elected). And what issue could be more important than asking our political leaders to live up to the promises they made, and the votes we cast, in terms of building a park in the Trinity? Thanks to Angela Hunt and Jim Schutze with the Dallas Observer, we may just get the chance to use that litmus test in May.

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