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March 14, 2007


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Rick Wamre

I used to request the vanilla flavor in a couple of different drinks, but then someone wise and trusted (my wife) told me that the flavor shots were filled with extra calories, putting a damper on my mixing fun. I haven't noticed anything on Sonic's website about the calorie count (nor have I spent much time trying to figure that question out, either), but if you happen to know whether I'm penalizing myself unnecessarily by avoiding the mix-ins or whether it's OK to continue to follow Keri's pattern and guzzle away, please let me know.

Keri Mitchell

Those add-ins are chock full of sugar and calories, but I don't really like to think about that. I justify it by ordering a vanilla DIET coke. According to the Sonic website, a route 44 regular coke has 370 calories, but a route 44 diet coke with a shot of vanilla has 80 calories. That's not too bad, especially considering that I generally finish about half of the drink. (And that my other favorite drink, an orange cream slush, is a whopping 430 calories.)


I'm originally from Oklahoma, too, and I hold my Sonics to some standards, dang it! They made me really mad when they discontinued the chocolate/vanilla soft ice cream Twists a decade ago. I still ask for one every time I go just to drive the point home! They changed ice creams and the one they changed to isn't very tasty, so I never buy shakes there anymore. But when you're on a diet and it's hot out, it's hard to beat a Route 66 Diet Cherry Limeaid!

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