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March 07, 2007


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Rick Wamre

I don't think it's possible to guarantee that situation will never occur in Lake Highlands. An offending student will have to show some real backbone to self-report; if experience with my own kids is any indication, when they do something wrong, their first impulse isn't necessarily to confess. A coach would have to find out from the student and then weigh the chance that an opponent would find out; again, the right thing to do is pretty clear but not necessarily easy given the pressures of winning today. The student's teacher would probably be willing to pass the word along, but teachers have so many responsibilities and pressures these days, I wonder if even the most responsible teacher can keep all of their students' athletic entanglements straight much less their academic issues. And an administrator would probably be the most likely to come clean and the absolute last person to find out. So there you have it: Even if everyone is motivated to do the right thing, everyone has to do the right thing in sequence to make sure the school and the neighborhood aren't embarrassed. It can all happen that way; hopefully, if the situation ever arises, it will.

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