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Sue Garinger

Well the article in today's DMN news today about the Dallas Academy girls basketball team has definitely raised quite a stir! If only more coaches had an attitude like Jeremy Civello, commitment, sportsmanlike attitude and to play for love of the game. Our scool is small but what great life lessons are taught there, from the classroom to the sports program. It should also be mentioned that this fall, the Varsity Boy's Soccer team, also coached by Civello, made it to the playoffs in our district. Two of the players, Andrew Aguillar and Jeff Garinger both seniors made 1st team all-district and 1st team all-state (1st time in the history of the school). As far as we're concerned, Jeremy Civello is our hero!!


Here is a note found on the floor in an LHHS classroom.
Friday February 13th, 2009
Written on a torn page from a science text book.
The day before Valentine’s Day… Makes you wonder.

“If this is move on, I want you to know I miss you.
Replacing you is nearly impossible.
I hope you would feel the same but I’m not
holding my breath for that day because
it may never come…okay, bye.”

Ah, high school romance.

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A few weeks ago I posted a scathing email on my HOA group site because I was sure they had reported my leaning fence to code enforcement. It turns put I had taken what was written in our Newsletter incorrectly and that was not what happened. However, in the email I suggested that we should pull together during this crisis and help our neighbor. My husband had started the fence project but with little help and traveling for work completion was taking a while. However, the most heart warming thing happened after my email, which gave me pause. The first weekend after the email neighbors dropped off food, drink, and more than 10 people showed up during the day to help. The same thing happened the next weekend, and the next weekend and each weekend since that time.

My husband now has a few weeks before he will have to travel again and so hopefully the fence will be done by Memorial Day!

I can not say enough about how it made me feel when our neighbors came to help. We were humbled by their out pouring of help. All they ask was to “pay it forward”.

susan boyle

What a nice day to visit Dallas; will visit many citizens here. THX for effort toward my career.

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Jon Chapman

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