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August 28, 2008


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Okay, being the word nerd I am, I had to look it up! Seems there are several names for a group of peacocks: pride, ostentation (both appropriate, doncha think?!), muster and bevy. Actually, it seems that 'muster' is the preferred group name although 'pride' received 1,710,000 Google hits. 'Ostentation' and 'bevy' received approximately 40,000 hits each. Just had to share! :-)


Well, I sent that before I finished my thoughts! This is just another too-cool thing about our neighborhood! (even though I live too far from the lake for these guys to visit my immediate 'hood)


one of the reason we moved to the hood. Horses and peacocks...very cool. It is also funny to see the peacocks on the roof or in the trees of certain houses on Eagle. I have always wondered whether the owner enjoys them or just tolerates them. Who owns the peacocks? Anyone know?

Walking in LH

Those peacocks are always a treat to see. Walking this morning before 6 a.m. I came upon a young lone coyote at Shoreview and Audelia. My presence caused him to dart across Audelia, but he was obviously intent on coming back across Audelia after I was out of his way. The mosquitos unfortunately are also making their presence known in the early mornings.


For over thrity years, it has been a pleasant experience to drive down Lanshire each workday morning and enjoy the peacocks as they cross over to the park for a "yummy" insect breakfast. Many times I would just stop and admire the beauty of their tail feathers in a full spread.

This story made me remember a long forgotten project from many years ago, I seriously considered making several "Peacock Crossing" signs to place at their crossover path.

Thanks for the memories!!!


I too enjoy the peacocks. My girls have always liked driving thru the area whenever we're on our way home to see the peacocks!

I think the owner is the folks at the stables behind Flag Pole Hill. That is if you can "own" peacocks! :)

Bill Kennedy

The pea fowl reside at the stables at Lanshire/Goforth. They keep snakes away from spooking the horses. Watch for the young ones following mom around right now.


In May, I came home to find 2 of the peacocks in my back drive way. Male and female. Maybe they were looking for some privacy?

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