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September 05, 2007


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Triple Wildcat

My child loves the sprayground. It's a great idea. The kids, especially the little ones, have more fun than they would at a regular pool.

What I don't love is when a group of unruly, unsupervised kids runs wild at the sprayground. They run over my two-year-old, grab his toys out of his hands and don't acknowledge any adults trying to caution them. Even with me standing by my two-year-old to protect him, they ran around me and knocked him down. Twice.

At least at the pool there are lifeguards to make the wild kids behave a little bit. There needs to be the similar supervision, at least during part of the day, at the sprayground. If that means fencing it in and charging a fee, so be it. I'd rather pay a fee than put up with the constant stress of older kids running over little ones and stealing their toys. If it happens again, we're not coming back. Ever.


I agree, some of the bigger kids make it just about impossible for a toddler to safely play at the sprayground, even though there is a designated area for small kids. Otherwise it is a great addition to the neighborhood.


The sprayground is indeed a great addition to our community. Great to see families, church groups, etc spending leisure time outdoors. Thanks are due to many people and LH organizations that helped push the intial project forward and the additional improvements still to come (lighted walking trail and pavillion). Joan Walne has done much of the heavy lifting for our community as our member of the Park Board.

Lisa Briggs

Just a note to those people who are not from Dallas. Lake Highlands does not extend South of NW Hwy. The residents of these apartments and their surrounding neighbors go to Bryan Adams.

Rick Wamre

Lisa: Did you intend your post to be on this blog item or the one about the apartment complex at Northwest Highway and Lake Highlands Drive? Although we know the complex isn't located in Lake Highlands proper, we thought it was an interesting real estate story for a problem property that borders the neighborhood and certainly impacts it, regardless of where the children who live there attend school.

Triple Wildcat

It's my understanding that the area south of Northwest Highway used to be called Lake Highlands. Now, Lake Highlands has come to mean the borders of the LHHS attendance zone. However, that definition makes the areas north of LBJ technically Lake Highlands, even though to me that's not really LH proper.

I think some people call the area south of NW Hwy "Old Lake Highlands." I think that's a good idea, although some might call the L Streets "old Lake Highlands" since that's the oldest part of what's now called LH.

Very confusing. I'm sure it drives realtors crazy.

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